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ARAMIS – for 3D analyses without compromise

ARAMIS systems for non-contact measuring of statically or dynamically loaded samples and components based on Digital Image Correlation (DIC). These measurements can be taken regardless of the material in use and without the need to carry out expensive and time-consuming preparatory work on the test object. This makes ARAMIS the ideal choice for use in product development, material research and component testing applications.

These high-precision measurements are capable of recording 3D resolutions down to the submicrometer range. The results offer an insight into the material properties of the component or sample, as well as into the behavior of the components under load. This includes accurate 3D coordinates, displacements, speeds and accelerations, expansions, and measurements of 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF). The measured data can then be used to determine material characteristics, verify finite element calculations, record component collisions, check motion trajectories, and analyze part distortion.


ARAMIS Adjustable

Customizable system configurations
Featuring both a 2D and 3D sensor, this system is the ideal choice for full-field and point-based analyses of statically or dynamically loaded components. Furthermore, the flexible sensors are even suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks on account of their variable measuring volumes and distances. The equally flexible dual-LED lighting enables the illumination of visually hard-to-reach samples from various directions. As a result, the system is ideal for research facilities and universities involved in working with a whole host of applications. The versatile setup of the ARAMIS Adjustable sensor makes it suitable for use with extremely small and large objects alike.
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A sensor like no other
ARAMIS SRX is a high-resolution 3D camera system designed to take both full-field and point-based measurements. Capable of taking up to 2,000 images per second, in addition to offering excellent stability, process reliability, and ease of use, ARAMIS SRX is the ideal measuring system for high-end applications in industrial environments. ARAMIS SRX offers a maximum image recording rate of 335 fps at full resolution. By reducing the image size, this frequency can even be increased to up to 2,000 fps, allowing aspects such as component failure behavior to be recorded in detail at chronological intervals.
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