ATOS Technology

Into the blue

Precise optoelectronics, powerful software and iconic blue light projection: these elements increase the appeal of GOM's optical 3D coordinate measuring machines. When working with the ATOS system, engineers will be fascinated by this state-of-the-art technology in industrial 3D scanning.

A powerful LED projector uses blue light to draw a striped blue pattern on the surface of a three-dimensional object. Two high-resolution cameras filter out the ambient light, capturing the stripes distorted by the object's contours and sending the images to software. This process takes only a few seconds and is repeated until the object has been captured from all sides. The rest is done by sophisticated mathematical algorithms that have been continuously improved for almost 25 years. The ATOS scan is simply as perfect as can be.

Results you can see
The process described above generates a complete measuring data set from detailed 3D coordinates in a very short time. All sensors of the ATOS product family are based on this technology and mode of operation. It is hardly surprising that they are gradually replacing conventional tactile measuring machines and gauges: They are faster, easier to operate and provide more-detailed data and make it easier to interpret them. As such, they are already at home in many areas of industry, where they are used for the inspection of sheet metal, tools, molds, prototypes and injection-molded or die-cast parts.

ATOS Technology for industrial quality control

Precise 3D measurement
Instead of point-by-point or linear measurements, ATOS sensors consistently show full-field deviations between actual coordinates and nominal data. It automatically adds detailed information such as shape and position tolerances, trimming or hole positions.

Self-monitoring systems
ATOS systems are self-monitoring. They automatically check the status of the calibration and the accuracy of the transformation. Changing environmental conditions and component movements are also detected and compensated during operation.

Simple operation
It is possible to operate the systems in an encapsulated mode (Kiosk Interface). The entire process, including measurement, evaluation and preparation of the measurement report, can also be carried out without prior metrology knowledge.

Process reliability
The GOM software's intuitive teaching function allows the measurement parameters to be reliably set and ensure safe and fast programming. Evaluation templates can be filled with the nominal data before the measurements are taken, and the reports can be generated automatically.

Less maintenance
ATOS sensors are not dependent on precise mechanics. They achieve accuracy through optoelectronics, image processing and algorithms. Therefore, they do not wear out and can be recalibrated by the user within minutes.

Tactile support
Areas that are difficult to see can also be detected selectively with the GOM Touch Probe. This allows for the measurement of standard geometries, direct comparison with CAD data, measurement of individual points and online alignment.

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