ATOS Compact Scan

Ready, set, go!

ATOS Compact Scan 8M is the latest model to enter the world of mobile 3D measurement technology

ATOS Compact Scan is a mobile and multipurpose all-around system for industrial quality assurance. Its greatest strength lies in the high data quality it records along with how flexibly it can be used. This versatile ATOS system is often integrated into the assembly line or brought to the measuring object – without having to bring it to a measuring room in advance.

ATOS Compact Scan supports all measuring areas from 40 mm² to 1,200 mm² and is suitable for measuring and inspecting small to large components and objects. The measuring volume can be scaled at any time using adjustable camera profiles. With just a single sensor head, it is possible to achieve any detail resolution and speed you need. Complex parts with optically hard-to-reach areas can also be recorded manually using the integrated GOM Touch Probe. The complete scan kit – including 3D scanner and all accessories – is small enough to fit inside a suitcase and is ready to measure on site in no time at all. This flexible measuring system is also perfect for measuring and inspecting large and heavy objects directly in the foundry or workshop.

Better resolution. Better value.
The ATOS Compact Scan system is well-known as a cost-effective entry-level system for mobile quality assurance of casting parts, tools and systems. With the launch of the 8M model, GOM has improved the overall optical quality of the ATOS Compact Scan series, while the starting price (from EUR 39,000) remains the same. The high-resolution version with a 12-mega pixel camera, which was launched in 2018, is ideal to capture high-precision images of surface structures.

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