GOM Care

All-round care

GOM Care comprises three pillars that combine to ensure users can enjoy quick and reliable support whenever they need it. Remote Assistance in the form of telephone and online support helps customers to help themselves. But there are always going to be some matters or issues that can only be tackled in person, which is where Services comes into play. These employees carry out metrological assessments, perform regular maintenance on the hardware and technology, and even handle repairs. Last but not least, Contract Plans deals with a wide range of support and service agreements, including those relating to software updates and support.

Patrick Heine has been a member of GOM since 2004 and is currently Director Services.

Spotlight on Services
The concept behind our services is the same the world over and reflected in the training for service technicians we provide for GOM partners. This approach allows us to ensure that GOM is offering consistently high quality standards on an international scale. The division is headed up by Patrick Heine, who observes that the Services arm is most commonly called upon whenever Remote Assistance alone is not enough. This may be the case in situations in which users are in need of spare parts or an on-site technician. The actual services provided may differ from one customer to the next. This is why GOM offers bespoke packages ranging from one-time support through to a whole host of complementary services: “From metrological system assessments and preventive maintenance all the way through to on-site repairs, our GOM service experts really do have everything covered,” says Heine.

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