GOM Care

Around-the-clock support

GOM Care consists of three pillars. Together, they ensure that users can access fast and reliable support whenever they need it. Remote Assistance in the form of telephone and online support helps customers to help themselves. However, some tasks and problems can only be tackled on the spot. This is where the Services experts come in. They perform metrological verification and carry out regular hardware maintenance and repairs. The Contract Plans pillar deals with GOM support and service contracts, as well as software updates and software support.

Close by, worldwide

To ensure consistently high standards of service all over the world, experienced GOM service teams train international specialists centrally. Once they have completed their training, the technicians work at their local site. “Through our centralized training, we guarantee a standardized service worldwide,” says Patrick Heine, head of Service. At the same time, the GOM system experts are familiar with local conditions. “This guarantees customer proximity and fast response times,” adds Heine.

This guarantees customer
proximity and fast response times.

Patrick Heine, head of Service

Verification Service

It's good to know that the Service department also offers standard tests to verify the measuring accuracy of systems using standardized artifacts.

Two standards of test are available:

Verification Service 10360 – Test with reference to ISO 10360

Verification Service 2634 – Test with reference to VDI 2634 Part 3:2008