Mobile measuring

Mobile measuring – anytime, anywhere

When it comes to mobile measuring technology, GOM’s ATOS Compact Scan, TRITOP, and PONTOS Live offer three solutions that can be used flexibly and on the go – even in places that do not usually make for the best testing environments.

It is one thing to take measurements under lab conditions, but what if this is not possible? And there is a whole host of reasons why it might not be: in certain manufacturing processes, in areas that are difficult to access, or even on the high seas, it is out of the question to adjust the object to be measured to suit the measuring technology, which means this technology has to be both flexible and versatile. With ATOS Compact Scan and PONTOS Live for production environments, along with the fully wireless, hand-held TRITOP system, GOM provides three mobile solutions for a wide range of measuring requirements and customer needs.

Using the mobile TRITOP system, a flange measurement is carried out on the tower of a wind turbine. The flatness and ovality of large components and structures can be precisely measured with TRITOP, and drilling pattern inspections are also possible.

ATOS Compact Scan

  • Digitizes and inspects small and large parts
  • Can be used for different measuring volumes
  • Resolution of the sensor can be adjusted
  • Hand-held, wireless measurement possible using optically tracked touch probe
  • Point-based measurement of optically hard-to-reach areas
  • The system fits into a suitcase


  • Mobile and flexible coordinate measuring device for production facilities
  • Specially designed tracking system for live part alignment in production environments
  • Image mapping allows assembly analysis based on augmented reality


  • Wireless and hand-held 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • For very large objects (such as wagons, ships, helicopters, wind turbines)
  • Capable of calculating 3D displacement and deformation of points and parts

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