GOM Inspect Suite

One for all

GOM Inspect Suite:
Powerful stand-alone software for GOM and ZEISS customers

Engaging with customers on equal terms and developing software to solve their day-to-day challenges is the mission that has been driving GOM developers since day one. With annual update cycles and an active user community, GOM Inspect has become a valued standalone software solution that supports the entire workflow – from the first scan to the final report. Since 2019, a broad range of industry-specific analysis functions has also been available to ZEISS customers and the features are being expanded and improved all the time. This means ZEISS customers using ZEISS T-SCAN sensors can capture and analyze data in GOM Inspect.

Focus on three fields of application

Besides a range of enhancements, the 2020 release offers GOM and ZEISS customers new functions in three specific fields of application:

Volume inspection of CT data

The ability to carry out nondestructive measurements of parts and to inspect their inner surface for defects and material alterations is an outstanding attribute of industrial computed tomography (CT). A new feature of GOM Inspect is an innovative, user-friendly volume renderer that offers intuitive generation of sectional views. This makes it possible to visualize the entire component, including its inside structures, and to generate sectional views for analysis. The volume inspection option also includes a porosity analysis in line with the BDG P203 standard (12/2019).

Inspection of blades

The GOM Inspect Suite offers industry-specific 2D and 3D evaluation features for controlling the quality of blades. These features fulfill the various high industry inspection requirements. The 2020 version also offers improved blisk evaluation. The upgrade possibilities are almost endless. With GOM Inspect, it is possible to integrate in-house scripts and company-specific evaluation standards into the inspection process itself using a platform concept.

Virtual Clamping

GOM has brought out a world first: an innovative algorithm that makes it possible to clamp sheet metal and plastic parts virtually, without the need for complex fixtures. The implications are huge: the need for expensive fixtures is eliminated and the measuring process is less complex because user impact is minimized, which means measurements can be carried out by staff with no specialist technical know-how.

Try out the GOM Inspect Suite

A free download with unlimited use of the basic software is available from the GOM website. Users who want to try out other features can also download a more comprehensive, free 30-day trial version.
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