Virtual Clamping

Virtual worlds

Virtual Clamping eliminates the need for conventional fixtures and speeds up the entire part qualification process. GOM’s pioneering technology is based on Virtual Clamping software for sheet metal and plastic components. It also includes a Universal Pneumatic Device, which allows even nonrigid components to be measured precisely.

Stress-free simulation

Generally, sheet metal and plastic components are measured in a range of different fixtures to assess their quality. The aim is to simulate the assembly situation and to compensate for the warpage or springback resulting from the forming process. Until now this has been a cost-intensive and time-consuming process. With the virtual clamping software, you will now be able to calculate the clamped state of the component by using a deformation model. This produces precise, replicable measuring data that matches the actual clamped component exactly. Virtual Clamping not only eliminates the need for fixtures and takes pressure off the measurement engineers but also speeds up the entire part qualification process by enabling companies to assess components earlier and faster.

One size fits (almost) all

Until now, measurement engineers had to clamp nonrigid components, such as reinforcement sheets and injection-molded parts, in position using a range of different fixtures. Now they can measure such components independently of their actual mounting position, using a new Universal Pneumatic Device in combination with gravity compensation. The device is compatible with a large number of small- to medium-sized components and can therefore replace a number of different fixtures.

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