Guiding Principle 2019: Growing with your needs.

Customer benefits firmly in sight

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GOM pushes the quality boundaries in industry
Quality has a crucial role to play in all manufacturing industries. In fact, these stringent quality requirements are currently on the rise as a result of the significant changes taking place in various industrial sectors. New technologies, global networks and worldwide competition are all having an impact on our customers’ production processes. For us as a metrology company, there is a clear answer to these changing and growing requirements in the form of scalable measuring systems that will allow us to grow with the resources available to us. Not only do we work on innovative measuring techniques and new system solutions, we are also constantly listening to our customers, to make sure we always understand their needs.

Our guiding principle for 2019 is:
Growing with your needs.

Dirk Behring, Director Sales

3D measuring technology: a real quality driver
Quality is always a key consideration in any product. In fact, it is an aspect that has to be achieved and checked at every stage of the industrial process – from design, development and production, right through to services. Our 3D measurement technology can support every phase and make a significant contribution to ensuring that customers can always count on receiving the level of quality they are looking for. In addition to our measuring systems, we also provide first-class sensors, software and automation solutions, and can even offer greater precision, speed, mobility and data compatibility to support every step of the process.

Customers benefit from scalable measuring systems
GOM offers flexible solutions for all sectors in the form of its optical 3D measurement technology. This includes the option of expanding cost-effective, manual and entry-level systems into fully automated measuring systems. Even if a company’s requirements change over time, the level of flexibility with regard to whether a system is to be operated manually or automatically remains the same. Our GOM software is an excellent example here, as the freely available versions that can be used to generate measuring data and make simple evaluations can be complemented with fee-based evaluation programs. GOM software is even capable of processing existing data sets from other providers.

GOM grows together with customers
3D metrology also has to offer new solutions due to new technologies and manufacturing processes. Here at GOM we are delighted to have succeeded in not only developing our existing systems, but also launching a whole host of innovations. When it comes to fully automated high-end solutions, we offer a number of models designed to handle high measuring speeds in the form of the ATOS ScanBox 6235 and the ATOS 5X sensor. The GOM CT, an industrial computer tomograph, even enables the measurement of inside components with a high level of precision. By launching Virtual Clamping as the world’s first unconstrained measuring technique, we are making a valuable contribution to simplifying the complex processes involved in handling plastic and sheet metal components.

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