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Flexible. Efficient. Automated. GOM ScanCobot with ATOS Q

Fast track to automated metrology: The new GOM ScanCobot combines the precise optical ATOS Q 3D scanner with a collaborative robot and a motorized rotation table. Measurement planning, digitization, and inspection take place in the virtual measuring room (VMR) of the powerful GOM Inspect software. The mobile GOM ScanCobot measuring station is used for efficient scanning and subsequent automated inspection of small and medium-sized parts – thus accelerating processes in quality assurance.

Solutions for all needs – ATOS ScanBox 

The ATOS ScanBox is the optimal system for precise part inspections allowing high throughput in production and manufacturing. With this series, GOM offers standardized optical 3D measuring machines for efficient quality control in the production environment. Customers can choose between eleven models to accommodate different part sizes and applications: from all-round systems to solutions for specific industries. The ATOS ScanBox is the all-rounder of automated metrology – an all-in-one solution that covers all process steps from programming to automated digitization, inspection, and reporting. The intuitive user interface and the virtual measuring room (VMR) as central control station and measurement planning software make it much easier for users to operate the 3D measuring machines.

The latest version of the industry standard – Software GOM Suite 

The advanced version of the software boasts several new functions: from enhanced volume inspection of CT data in GOM Volume Inspect to airfoil analyses with GOM Blade Inspect through to its user-friendly operation in automated quality assurance. The new volume renderer in GOM Volume Inspect ensures easy and intuitive visualization of parts and their internal structures. Using the Smart Scanning function in the virtual measuring room module renders the ATOS ScanBox even more productive. The 2021 release opens up even more horizons for users across industries and irrespective of the source of the data!

The next small thing – GOM Scan 1

The new GOM Scan 1 sensor opens up new possibilities. The compact and mobile 3D scanner is an easy-to-use solution to digitally capture ideas and achieve precise 3D meshes for applications such as 3D printing or reverse engineering. GOM Scan 1 features a compact shape filled with advanced technologies and is a specialist for simple and quick measurements of small parts – even in confined spaces. Meanwhile, the preinstalled GOM Inspect supports you to get your 3D data easily and fast. GOM Scan 1 is available with three different measuring volumes: 100, 200, and 400. 

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