Versatile and flexible

The next small thing

New GOM Scan 1

GOM Scan 1 is here to open up new possibilities. Industrial standards such as GOM’s fringe projection technology and Blue Light Technology deliver the foundation for detailed and accurate 3D meshes. Meanwhile, the integrated GOM Inspect software helps you apply the mesh to any project you want: 3D printing, reverse engineering, or part inspection. So go ahead and start something big!

A small 3D scanner for precise meshes and big ideas

GOM Scan 1 is powerful, amazingly simple to operate, and very accurate indeed. GOM Scan 1 features a compact shape filled with advanced technologies. From GOM’s Blue Light Technology to the stereo camera principle, this sensor is built to deliver 3D data with high precision. The lightweight solution is a specialist for simple and quick measurements of small parts – even in confined spaces. Meanwhile, the preinstalled GOM Inspect takes meshes to the next level, supporting you to get your 3D data easily and fast.

A precise fringe projection scanner with true benefits

GOM Scan 1 is an optical 3D fringe projection scanner with Blue Light Technology. It captures the complete surface of components with narrowband blue light within a short measuring time – recorded by two cameras that work based on GOM’s stereo camera principle.

Prepare to print with strong mesh editing

The preinstalled GOM Inspect software enables you to smooth, thin, and refine polygon meshes, fill holes, or extract curvature lines, achieving very accurate meshes that can be saved in many common formats. The best part: our smart polygonization. It creates a mesh with the highest detail while keeping the mesh file easy to handle.

Choose your measuring volume

Different applications have different requirements: GOM Scan 1 is available with three measuring volumes. Whether you decide on 100, 200, or 400, you can always rely on high-precision measurements for small to medium-sized objects.

Capture and create your ideas

The new GOM Scan 1 sensor in combination with GOM Inspect supports tasks such as 3D printing, 3D visualization, and reverse engineering. It captures high-quality data in a short amount of time, while the powerful mesh editing functions make it easy to replace parts, produce precise 3D models, or develop new products. Whatever your idea may be, GOM Scan 1 meets professional and industrial standards to make it happen.

A system to support your entire workflow

GOM Scan 1 with GOM Inspect supports you to get more accurate and comprehensive measurement results and makes part inspection effortless. Import and align CAD and mesh files, create surface comparisons, dimensional inspections, and generate reports – easily and efficiently.

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