Learning, community, live demos

Digital events

GOM is always there for its customers and other interested persons. It has expanded its options for direct communication by offering more digital formats. Webinars, virtual open house sessions, and live demos comprise digital events focusing on applications and the questions of all interested parties. Participants can ask individual questions, build their knowledge, and learn more about recent hardware and software developments – be it during live demonstrations, exclusive one-on-one sessions, or in small workshop groups.


Enroll for free for our webinars and take part from anywhere: Anybody interested can attend GOM’s regular virtual workshops. Experts cover different topics and answer questions that might come up during live sessions, e.g. on fields of application for GOM’s diverse systems, background information on software concepts and features as well as on workflows from beginning to the end. They also shed light on the use of optical measurement technology in different production stages and manufacturing processes. Good to know for anybody interested in new developments: new measuring systems and software versions will also be launched in this format. 

Virtual open house 

Every first Friday of the month at 10 a.m., it’s time for a talk with GOM, where experts will focus exclusively on customer applications. Attendees from similar branches of industry can ask questions to GOM specialists in small virtual groups, talk shop or share scanning tips. Participants can even send in a part that GOM will inspect for free, if they wish so, and use as a demo object during an open house session.  

Digital live demos 

This format is an easy method to learn everything about GOM technology and to witness live hands-on tests with 3D measuring technology. During the virtual demonstrations that last 60 to 90 minutes, GOM experts present system solutions and their specific fields of application. Specific should be taken literally, because this format will indeed investigate only the specific application of a single party: after having agreed on a date, a GOM expert will use the part provided or a demo part to explain how GOM’s technology can solve the participant’s specific needs.  

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