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GOM Education offers learning bundles including hardware, software and teaching materials

Optical 3D measurement technology plays an increasingly important role in numerous technical professions. This makes it all the more sensible to introduce young talent to the technology during university or vocational training. With "ATOS for Education" and "ARAMIS for Education", GOM provides two packages for universities, colleges and vocational schools.

"ATOS for Education" is a didactic package for 3D scanning and 3D inspection applications. It is used in various fields of study, such as mechanical engineering and mechatronics, as well as in engineering, industrial metrology, product design, reverse engineering and CAD/CAM. For materials and components testing, GOM offers the "ARAMIS for Education" package. The ARAMIS system is used, among other things, for teaching and training in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials science and FEM. In addition to hardware and software, both packages consist of laboratory tests and lecture materials with detailed background information. They include high-performance evaluation software for each individual student, practice-oriented training for professors and teachers, and technical support from experienced engineers.

These courses help train students in innovative technologies – from theoretical instruction and 3D measurement technology to the practical handling of industrial hardware and software. Both packages may be combined and extended later.

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