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GOM offers its customers a wide range of tailor-made training courses

Even the best technology is only as good as its user, and metrology is no different. Therefore, GOM wants to make sure that customers understand how to use their systems sensibly and safely. In concrete terms, this means that GOM not only provides the actual technology but also extensive training and further education.

Johanna Martin, Director Technical Documentation, and her team develop all of the GOM training formats.

Thanks to its global training concept, GOM guarantees an internationally comparable, high standard of training. In product-specific basic training over just a few days, users receive a comprehensive introduction to working with their optical measurement technology system. In advanced training and expert courses, they then gain in-depth knowledge of how to apply GOM systems in their industry-specific contexts.

Well-trained from the very start
At GOM, prospective measurement technicians can attend globally recognized AUKOM training courses to learn the basics of measurement technology. The association promotes a worldwide training standard in industrial production metrology and ensures that this is upheld across its training courses. As a partner of AUKOM, GOM offers basic and comprehensive training in the field of coordinate measuring technology.

Flexible through eLearning
GOM uses video tutorials and webinars to ensure that users always have access to training material. The eLearning range is being further expanded. Starting in summer 2019, complete certified training courses will be available online. This means that training content is available anytime and anywhere in the world.

The global training concept

  • More than 25 certified partners
  • Over 40 training locations
  • Basic training
  • Advanced training courses
  • Expert courses
  • AUKOM training
  • Global availability through eLearning

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