GOM for Education

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GOM for Education refers to our educational packages for teaching and training. The packages are designed for theoretical and practical lessons at vocational schools, higher education institutes, and universities.

Using top technology even as an apprentice  

Optical 3D measurement technology helps to speed up processes and improve the quality of work in many technical occupations. Thanks to GOM for Education, young technicians can explore the potential of optical sensors and our evaluation software even during their training or studies. GOM offers two training packages for this purpose: the free student package includes the demo versions of our high-performance inspection and digital image correlation software. The complete package includes the full version of the software and an ATOS sensor. Both contain ready-to-use laboratory experiments and detailed lecture material. Training for lecturers and competent support from experienced engineers are also included. 

ATOS for Education  

ATOS for Education is an educational compilation for 3D scanning and inspection tasks. It is used in various academic fields such as mechanical engineering and mechatronics, engineering, industrial metrology, design, and CAD/CAM.  

ARAMIS for Education  

The ARAMIS for Education package is our offer for academia and industry in the field of materials and component testing. The ARAMIS system is used in university courses and faculties such as material sciences, materials testing, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics, and FEM. 

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