For every object size in every environment

Inspecting large objects, such as ships, wind turbines, or industrial facilities, requires utmost flexibility and mobility. The optical photogrammetry system TRITOP measures 3D coordinates of individual object points with high precision and regardless of environmental conditions – and it’s wireless and hand-held. The principle “The measuring system comes to the measuring object” has proven to be best practice: Be it on land or on high seas, TRITOP delivers precise data, even in restricted, narrow areas. This flexibility ensures that it’s comfortable in its surroundings when other systems have long given up.

TRITOP is a portable coordinate measuring system (CMM), optimally suited for stand-alone usage when inspecting very large objects as well as for initial measurements in combination with 3D scanning systems, e.g. for car bodies. In such situations, the photogrammetric absolute measurement increases overall accuracy. Based on the acquired 3D coordinates, TRITOP can also analyze 3D displacements and deformations of points and parts, e.g. during climate chamber tests. 

TRITOP is also compatible with other systems: It partners seamlessly with ATOS 3D scanners and the ARAMIS 3D testing sensors. For instance, it can measure points to ensure that overall accuracy is achieved for the relevant photogrammetric measurement. Adapters can be used for rapid point measurements.  

Benefits of the TRITOP technology 

  • End-to-end 3D measuring machine with minimum hardware requirements (all components comprise a total weight of less than 14kg) 

  • The object is not touched during measurement 

  • Very high accuracy even for large objects 

  • No wear and tear, consistent accuracy 

  • Simple operation 

  • Unaffected by environmental conditions 

Fields of application 

  • Quality control of large objects, e.g. wind turbines, haulage vehicles, ships and aircrafts 

  • Deformation analyses during car and climate chamber tests 

  • Inspection of sheet metal parts and car bodies, e.g. in pilot production, process optimization, tool try-out, start of

    production, or during random sampling 

  • Inspection of clamps, fixtures and setups 

  • Measuring of models and prototypes, e.g. vehicle interior and exterior design 

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