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For over 20 years, GOM has been successfully developing software for 3D measuring systems. The company also offers its own inspection software, highly appreciated by customers. The versatile analysis tools and reporting functions of the inspection software meet all current process and data standards. Thanks to the intuitively designed user interface, new users can quickly familiarize themselves with the functionalities of the software. In addition, the GOM inspection software is not only available as a paid professional version but also as a free system-independent version. With the software's annual development cycles, GOM continuously offers innovations that are developed in line with customer requirements.

GOM Inspect

Software for mesh processing, inspection, and reporting
GOM Inspect software is used in product development, quality assurance and in manufacturing for the analysis of 3D measurement data. It contains all the functions required for the shape and dimension analysis of components, including the creation of inspection reports. It is also suitable for processing 3D data for additive manufacturing, CAD/CAM and simulations. GOM Inspect also enables employees, suppliers and customers to share 3D measuring results and accelerate decision making.

Dirk Bergmann, Director of GOM’s Software Department, about the software’s success story.

GOM Correlate

Digital image correlation software
In the field of materials and components testing, GOM Correlate software for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) enables the evaluation of digital image series and video files of conventional single cameras. The software also serves as a viewer for measuring data from ARAMIS systems. With GOM Correlate, displacements, deformations and strains can be visualized to support the 3D understanding of the mechanical component behavior.

Free software, independent of the measuring system

GOM provides free software that can be used independently of the measuring system. With the freely available software packages of GOM Inspect and GOM Correlate, GOM supports education, research and industry, and contributes to making standardized evaluation methods available.

The new GOM Software 2019

The new version of the GOM software will be available from July 2019, but the beta version can be tested starting from May 2019. With further software development, GOM is focusing on new functionalities for an optimized workflow, summarized under the term "Smart Teach". The software was significantly enhanced for the GOM CT, and GOM is once again proving its innovation leadership in the field of Virtual Clamping.

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